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Catching Up

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I’ve been a little short on time recently when it comes to reading blogs.   This morning I checked Bloglines and there were 206  entries that I  had yet to read.   I’ve started making headway, but it will take some time.   I’m in the D’s now (bloglines list is alphabetical) so if you haven’t seen me around recently, I’m getting to you!

Now, back to reading…

UPDATE…I’m now in the L’s.  This is more of an accomplishment than it sounds like because every day I have to start over again at the A’s because you people KEEP WRITING.  Slow down for JUST A MINUTE.  What do you think this is, Freedom of Speech week?  Sheesh.

UPDATE #2:  4 days later and I’m DONE.  I’m a reading machine, baby, a reading machine.


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Ok, all you Blog Explosion fanatics…I don’t usually post ads on this blog, but here’s one I’m sure you’ll be interested in.   From what I can tell, this is a new service that works like Blog Explosion.   They’re anti-spam and I don’t see that there’s any downside to signing up.

Plus, sign up now, and get 1500 free credits (credits=visitors to your site)!

UPDATE:   Upon further inspection, the site doesn’t actually work like BE.   Credits are VERY easy and quick to earn, but not that meaningful.   Whereas in BE, you stay on each site for at least 30 seconds and then click to leave, with ASM, you are automatically forwarded to a new site after 10 seconds.   If you want to stay on the current site, you have to open it in a new window…which means that the traffic you get isn’t very likely to stick around or even be paying attention.

Unfortunately, most of the sites participating in ASM are pretty lame – drug sites, other traffic sites, and miscellaneous boring stuff – so surfing can be a killer on the brain.   Oh, and half of them are in Japanese.   Most of the time you don’t even have to be there – just check in every once in a while and sign in so they think you’re still paying attention.

I guess that will teach me to post a recommendation before I have thoroughly explored the product.  

Oh, and one more thing:   between my stat counter and ASM, SOMEBODY is LYING about how many hits I’ve received today.   Hmmm…

Recommendation retracted.

Who's Messing With Me???

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Ok, I’m really confused.   I made the About Me, About J, and About Kaelin pages.   And everything worked fine.

But now when I click on About My Kaelin, I get a HUGE list of my archives and the page I had written about her is gone.


When I edit the page, my paragraphs are there.   But when I pull it up on the site…it’s a list of all my archives.

Is that what you see when you pull up that page?

UPDATE:   Found the problem.   In WP, you can select a page template between Default and Archives.   Somehow, the page got switched to Archives.   Don’t know how it happened, but it’s fixed now.

Keep the Internet neutral, fair and free

Filed under: Blogging,Current Events,Teh Internets — Amy @ 9:59 am – Commentary: Keep the Internet neutral, fair and free – Jun 9, 2006

Bad House of Representatives.   Bad Bad Bad.   Shame on you.   Taking away freedoms of the intenet user just because the big guys want to make extra bucks from blackmailing the companies that can afford it is just wrong.

Wrong, I tell you.

So Go Here and fill in the blanks to send a letter to your congresspeole and representatives.   It only takes a  minute and you don’t even have to leave your computer to drop it in the mailbox.  

Meet Me in My Imagination

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See the picture at the top of this blog? I liked the image because of the woman reading to her little girl and I figured it was close enough to be a representation – as headers go – because she has brown hair.

But that isn’t me. That woman is probably 5’11”, and weighs approximately 27 pounds. I, on the other hand, am 5’2″ in shoes, and though I doubt anybody would consider me overweight, I could use some exercise for those post-baby problem areas. (more…)

Flavor of the Day

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“So I found this new blog software that’s going to be really cool. I’ve been dissatisfied with my blog recently because-”

“Because that’s what you do.”

“Right. Wait…What?”

“You’re always dissatisfied with your blog for some reason.”

“Oh. Um. Well, this is going to help that.”

“For at least a day.”

“Yeah. Probably.”

Things That Just Shouldn't Happen

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I absolutely hate it when I’m in the middle of writing a post and I step away to do something and when I come back, everything is gone. Internet Explorer is closed and there is just. nothing.


Mr. Bitch

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There really needs to be a term for the male counterpart of a Bitch.

You’ve met him, they’re rampant in the blogosphere. He fancies himself a writer, and a clever one at that.

He’s the guy who constantly has a chip on his shoulder and loves to use sarcasm and ludicrous analogies to point out how inferior and ignorant people are who think differently from himself in every sphere.

His arrogance is irritating at best and he thrives off propelling a normal conversation into an argument.

And he really annoys me. Mostly because there’s no way to “screen” that kind of blog out when I’m blog surfing, so I’m forced to be subject to his rants again. and again. and again.

Season of Change

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I know, I know, I’m at it again. One of these days I’ll find a blog layout that I like for more than a week, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy the new look but please keep in mind that it’s a work in progress. The comments look a little wonky right now, but I’m getting to that.

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

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My boss says I’m exceedingly unusual in that I have gift for reading.


Yes, he says. He goes on to explain that 99% of people DON’T/CAN’T/REFUSE TO READ. And the 1% of them who do, don’t comprehend the stuff they’re reading anyway. I’m not talking about leisure reading, I’m talking about the day-to-day words that are supposed to keep us informed and functioning.

Now, I’m not going to dissect these percentages, but the basic gist is that PEOPLE WOULD RATHER LIE THAN READ.

Example: Those Terms & Conditions signature blocks on applications and contracts, stating that “By signing here, I acknowledge that I have read and understood yada yada…” are completely worthless outside of legal protection.

Being in the particular line of work that I am in, I know this to be true. I can’t tell you how many times I get “I wasn’t told that,” “That’s not what the Guidebook says” (People, I WROTE THE FRIGGIN GUIDEBOOK, I KNOW WHAT IT SAYS) or “I read the bylaws carefully and I didn’t see the big paragraph with the glaring heading that told me I couldn’t do that.”

I also see this problem in the blogosphere. For instance, recently there has been a big commotion about this post, in which a fellow mommy blogger discussed having respect for one’s spouse by taking care of her physical appearance, among other things. She used an example of women she knows who maintained their good looks only long enough to “catch” a man, and then let themselves go. Face it people, THIS HAPPENS. Don’t try to deny it.

When I read this post, I took away the following message:

“People in an intimate relationship should be considerate of each other and understand that their physical appearance, and any MAJOR change to it, can affect their partner and their relationship.”

Come to find out, 50 gazillion people around the country read the SAME POST and took away quite a different message:

“Women should always be thin for their husbands because no man deserves an ugly woman, and men should be perfectly justified in divorcing a woman because she’s fat” or something to that effect.

After reading several irate responses to that post, I was left wondering, “Did these people read the same blog I did? Where did all this anger and imposed judgment come from???”

I just don’t understand why people are so trigger happy about picking a fight. They would rather villianize and create an enemy out of someone who doesn’t deserve it, than take the time to FRIGGIN READ WHAT SHE WROTE.

Why? Are we that in need of conflict in our daily lives that we have to generate it? Our lives are too peaceful and orderly in this country, so we need to create the enemy? The media is often (in my opinion, justly) accused of such such fabrication, but is it really just a reflection of our own weakness?

America is a country of causes. Everybody seems to need something to stand on the soapbox and be angry and offended about, even if the matter is a ghost.

And it makes me sad.

31 Flavors

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Bear with me, Internet. I’m thinking of changing the look of this blog…again. I’m no longer in a “red” mood. So if you stop by and it looks a little uncoordinated, it’s just a work in progress.


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So when I re-did the template on this blog, I had to re-do the HTML for the subscription block, so if you’re getting an email that you need to re-confirm to subcribe, that’s why.

Go ahead and re-confirm because I’m not sure that the old subscription service will still work.

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