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Here, Part IV

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Where was I?  Oh yes.  God had developed a nasty sense of humor and our grandly laid plans for a year of adventure were going to put us into bankruptcy.  Death!  Destruction!  Misery!!

And then it happened again.  Jens put out the word that we were in need of new renters, STAT, and we got a bite.  One of Jens’ former coworkers and her friend had been dying to get out of their apartments and into a house, and they were looking for a house like ours in an area like ours for a price like the one we were asking.

And then they saw the media room and were sold.  Also, they told us they didn’t mind if we left all the furniture we had left for the original tenants, so that saves us the cost of moving the stuff out and renting an additional storage unit every month.

She just needed to get a certain job before they could sign the agreement.  The next day, she got the job.  The day after that, we received the signed agreement.

Since the lease term is starting later than our original one, we may end up staying here through next summer.  But I gotta say, missing another Texas summer doesn’t really upset me that much.

And we all lived happily ever after, THE END.

(I hope…)

Farewell Party

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I just realized that I never posted the pictures from Kaelin’s Farewell Party.

A month or two before we moved, I told Kaelin that she could have a Farewell Party so she could see all her friends one last time.

She talked about this party nearly every day, making plans for games, decorations, prizes, and all the activities that the party would cover.  I was really starting to worry that whatever shindig I threw together at the last minute would never live up to her great expectations.

To avoid anything cost prohibitive, or anything that would require too much actual planning on our part, we decided to just invite everybody to our neighborhood park for some play time.  I hoped that this low-key event wouldn’t be a disappointment to Kaelin, who had devoted a great deal of time to planning the imaginary event.

Little did I know that we had planned our party to coincide with the neighborhood Easter Festival.  I call it a “festival” because it came complete with a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, Easter Bunny, and egg hunts.

We had a great turnout and Kaelin loved seeing all her friends.  Even her teachers from CLC showed up to wish her farewell.  The girls oohed and ahhed over the different colored chicks, while the boys ogled at the snakes.  Kaelin was thrilled beyond belief with the petting zoo and was too busy holding her chicks and mice to even participate in an egg hunt.

After the crowed dissipated and the petting zoo went home, the kids ran around, rolled down the hills, and played games with some of the dads.

All in all, I’d say our last minute shindig was probably the best party we’ve ever thrown!  And the best part was that we didn’t have to pay for any of it.

Here, Part III

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As we drove through the Yukon the next day, the weather mirrored our moods.  Gone was the bright sun and clear skies that we had enjoyed every day of the trip thus far. 

We drove through a powdery snowfall much of the morning.  The snow was so dry and fine that it didn’t even stick to the car.  We didn’t need our windshield wipers on because it was more like driving through a cloud than a snow storm.  It was difficult to see and slowed us down as the snow covered the roads.

The roads in the Yukon, by the way, leave something to be desired.  Especially the part where half the gas stations are closed.  At one point, we needed gas, so we stopped at a station that had a sign on the pump:  “Sorry, no gas.”  The sign said that the nearest gas stations were 125 miles ahead of us, or 13 miles behind us.  Since we didn’t have enough gas to go 125 miles, we decided to backtrack and fill up at the station we had already passed.

Except, that station was closed too.  So we kept backtracking until we were almost to the last gas station we had filled up at.  It’s very difficult to digress that much when you’re so close to your destination.

Once we crossed the border into Alaska (which, by the way, was the Easiest.  Border Crossing. Ever.), things started to make sense again.  There were gas stations within reasonable distances of each other, and the roads were maintained.  We even passed actual People!  Working!  On the Roads!

The weather and our moods improved greatly, and we enjoyed a sunny and beautiful drive through rural Alaska to Anchorage.

In Anchorage, we stayed with Phyllis and Freeman, some family friends from Jens’ days in Unlalakleet, Alaska.  Jens was in school with their son Justin and they shared many childhood adventures.  It’s always a pleasure to be around this family, and they made our stay very enjoyable.  The next day, we hit Costco and Walmart, then started the remaining 4 hour drive to Homer.

We arrived in Homer to nice weather, and a winter wonderland.  As we pulled into the long dirt driveway, there was a woman there working on shoveling a 3’-deep pathway through the snow that blocked our entrance to the house.  Her head was shaved in a pattern that I assume normally fit under a baseball cap and she looked like she had the strength of a musk ox.  She had been hired to shovel the path and thought that the over-the-snow path was probably good enough, but now that she had started a real ground path, it was a challenge and she had to finish it.

So we let her.

The house was a pleasant surprise because, even though I’d seen pictures, I’ve learned that houses always look bigger and better in pictures.  I also feared that even though it was a 4-story house, it would seem cramped because the square footage is less than what we’re used to in Texas.  But it was pretty clean and the furniture, while a mismatched and eclectic collection, is in good condition.  We spent the remainder of the day and all the following day unpacking and arranging and boxing up some of the owner’s things for storage.  And the end of each day, we enjoyed a bath in the larger-than-life bathtub in our room, and dropped exhausted into bed.

We were still tremendously worried about our rent (or lack thereof) situation.  The more we thought about it, the less we could understand how every part of this journey could have been laid out before us so that every piece of the puzzle just fell into place, like it was just meant to be… and then once we had made the move, the table broke and the puzzle went crashing down.  We wondered why God would have brought us all this way, just to have everything fall apart.

We ran the numbers and the options.  To put the house up for rent to strangers, we would need to use a company to list and manage the property.  We simply couldn’t afford those fees without asking a price for rent that was too high to get anybody in there soon.  We could fulfill our 90-day agreement and head back to Texas at the end of summer… but that would still be 3 months of doubling our house payments.  We could sell the house… and pay thousands of dollars to realtor fees and closing costs in a market that would net us a price equal or less than we paid for the house 2.5 years ago.

No matter what door we picked, there was something unpleasant on the other side.  But we didn’t have time to dwell on it very long, because the next day my parents arrived with Kaelin and Koren, and our quiet house was suddenly very full and busy.

(to be continued…)

Here, Part II

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Did you know that you can drive through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota… THEN Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Canada, without so much as a change in scenery?

By the time we entered British Columbia, I never wanted to see another grain field for the rest of my life.  Day after day, hour after hour of driving through the same vast expanse of flat, meticulously groomed fields is disorienting at best.  At worst, it’s an experiment in the brain’s ability to handle that kind of monotony without resorting to trauma defense mechanisms.

We had the pleasure of staying the night with Jens’ grandparents in Iowa.  In addition to room and board for the night, they also treated us to dinner at Macaroni Grill, which was fun.  Jens’ cousin Ellie accompanied us to dinner, and it was nice to see that side of the family again.

As a Public Service Announcement, if you’re ever traveling through North Dakota, be aware that they don’t put gas stations ON THE HIGHWAY.  So if you keep driving and driving, hoping to come across one, there’s a good chance you’ll run out of gas right there on the highway in the middle of nowhere by yourself. 

We had the good fortune of owning a TomTom that (once we were below E and finally thought to pull it out) guided us to the nearest gas station several miles off the highway, and not a moment too soon.  When we filled up, the receipt showed that we put 18.1 gallons of gas into our tank.

We only have an 18 gallon tank.

Crossing the border was a real trip.  They pulled us into a private garage and asked a few questions.  Then they totally interrogated Jens when they found out he had a concealed weapons permit.  He got the search and pat down, his pockets emptied, and was grilled about 17 times about what kind of guns he owns, where he keeps them, what he uses them for, what kind of guns MY FATHER owns, what he hunts with his guns, why he DOESN’T have any guns with him if he’s licensed to carry them, blah blah blah.  Then when one officer finished a round of questions, another would come by pretending to have just entered the conversation, and ask all the same questions again to see if the answers changed.

I, on the other hand, could have been packing all kinds of heat on my person and in my bag, and they never would have known.  They never even looked in my purse.

The whole process took about 45 minutes.  It was a pain, but I’m glad they at least had the courtesy to put all our stuff back in the trailer and close it… because I’m not sure we could have accomplished that by ourselves.

There are approximately 5 people that live in Ft. Nelson, British Columbia.  And fortunately Jens, being Jens, knows them.  We had the pleasure of spending an evening with one of Jens’ hometown friends, Josh, and his family.  Josh and his wife Dee live in Ft. Nelson with their 3 sweet girls.  I think they’re very brave.  Did you know it’s a 12+ hour drive from Ft. Nelson to ANYWHERE?  And that -30° in winter is pretty normal?  I know I’m moving to small-town Alaska, but THAT’S CRAZY.

Once we entered British Columbia, the scenery improved greatly.  As did the wildlife sightings.  We saw a lot of buffalo, and even more buffalo poop.  It’s truly a spectacle.  These herds just move along the highway leaving their own highway of poop behind them.  If someone could find a way to make cars run on buffalo poop, we could end the energy crisis.

As we slowly crested the top of a hill, we came across a solitary male buffalo on a rampage down the side of the road.  I’m guessing he just lost a fight over the females, because he was in a BAD MOOD.  He noticed us, and we could tell what was coming next, but since he was ahead of us and we were towing a huge trailer, we would not have been able to out-maneuver him.  He charged us, but somehow chose the wrong side of the guard rail and couldn’t jump over it in time to make contact with our vehicle before we drove past him.  I snapped a blurry picture of him as he bounded past my window.  I’ve never been so thankful for a tiny strip of guard rail!

That evening, we hooked up Jens’ computer in the hotel to catch up on some email, and pretty much got the rug pulled out from under our feet.

Amid some peculiar circumstances, our renters had decided to back out of the agreement.

No options for negotiation.  No deposit.  No 30 day notice.  No rent.  We were quite suddenly up the river without a paddle, because our entire ability to make this move was dependent on having that rental income.  Even if we were to turn back now and head home, we were still bound by OUR agreement to our landlord in Alaska to give a 90-day notice.

Our fabulous opportunity had quite suddenly turned sour.

(to be continued…)


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When Jens told me a few months ago that he was missing his home state of Alaska and wanted to move back, we had a conversation that included several variations of the word “insane.”

We eventually decided that an 18-month plan seemed to make the most sense, because that would give us enough time to get to a place where we could swing it financially, and the kids were already enrolled in their schools for the next school year, etc.  Also, it was going to take a pretty big sacrifice in living quarters, since the price/square foot we were used to in Texas can’t be replicated anywhere else in the country.  We weren’t really in a position to sell our house yet, having been in it less than 3 years, and didn’t want to purchase a house in Alaska and run the risk of getting “stuck” in a place we didn’t want to be after all.  And then there was the matter of getting all our furniture to Alaska, which had me reeling when I requested a moving estimate and was told $16,000.

And then things just started happening.

A guy in Homer contacted us in response to an ad Jens placed on Craigslist, and said he had a 4-bedroom furnished house with a loft and basement that he would consider renting to us for a year because he was never there. 


The home is on 6 acres and has views of the ocean and the mountains.  We were pretty sure that opportunity wouldn’t be available in 18 months, so we started looking into whether it was really feasible to make this transition sooner.

Then we found out that a family we knew was looking for a house to rent for a year and they really liked ours.  Even better, they were totally agreeable to us leaving some of the furniture pieces in the house for them to use.

We checked with U-Haul and various storage companies and found reasonable deals for bringing a trailer of our necessities with us, and storing the remainder of our furniture for a year.

We found the perfect vehicle for hauling our trailer and forging through the mountains of Alaska, and were able to obtain it at a price we could afford.

One thing after another, it was as though the path was cleared before us, making this entire undertaking seem… somewhat reasonable.

Friends and family chipped in to help us with the boxing and packing of all our belongings, and miraculously, everything we owned fit inside the Pack Rats box that was hauled away the day before we left.  Family members also volunteered to take our pets for a year, which would have added another level of complication, since our rental house has no fenced yard for Hastings to run around in.

Finally, after weeks of stress and arrangements, we were ready to make this move.

First we said goodbye to the pets, and Kaelin had one last opportunity to trot around with Hastings before he went to live with my uncle.



Then, we put the kids on a plane with Jens’ mom so they could spend the week in Seattle while Jens and I drove. 



We left early the next morning.  Our route would take us straight north, then through Canada to reach Alaska.


(to be continued…)


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You might notice that it looks a little different around here. You might also notice that it’s almost Valentine’s Day and it took me this long to get rid of the Christmas layout.  Judging by that timetable, I decided against the Valentine’s or even Spring layout, since it would probably be the 4th of July before I took it down.

So you get the generic.

It’s supposed to snow here Thursday.  I don’t mind the snow itself, but I do mind the way the whole city shuts down because of it.  We probably won’t have Mother’s Day Out because people are too afraid to drive in those “hazardous weather conditions.”

This morning it was 29° when I dropped the kids off and I kid you not, people were slowing down to 5 mph to go over a 3-foot patch of ice in the road.  The straight, flat, road, I might add.

Speaking of ice and snow, we’re seriously considering moving to Alaska.  Yeah, I know.  We’re probably insane.

If all goes according to plan, we would arrive in Homer, Alaska by the beginning of April and stay for at least a year.  There are a lot of factors that the move is dependent on, though.  For instance, we need to rent our current house out for a 1-year term at close to the same price that we’ll be paying for the rental house in Alaska.  Does anybody need a 4 bedroom house with a game room, media room, study, and sun room?  If so, let us know!

There’s also the matter of actually GETTING to Alaska.  We’ll have to drive, because we will need to take some of our belongings, but there’s no way the kids, pets or our current vehicles could survive a 7-day road trip through the desolate mountains of Canada.  So we have to figure out some way to fly the kids and pets there, in addition to trading in our current vehicles for something that has low mileage and 4WD.  I never thought I would drive a Hummer, but it might come to that.

So IF we get the house rented and IF we scrape together the funds to make the drive and flights, THEN there’s the pre-move yard sales, boxing up everything that’s left, and putting it into storage.

Chances are, we’re going to be very busy over the next couple of months.  If you don’t hear from us, that’s probably why.

Now I remember why we left Time Warner in the first place.

Ooh, the internet… I can finally get my fix. The withdrawal symptoms were killing me.

I hate Time Warner. There internal communication structure must be akin to sending messenger rats.   Because nobody is on the same page as anybody else, and nobody seems to know what’s going on, though they’ll all swear up and down that they know. Unfortunately (unlike the last city we lived in), we don’t have any other options.

Even though we technically have internet now, I can only use it if I’m sitting on the floor in the media room because my computer has to be directly plugged into the box.

The technician came out here today to install the wireless internet and – get this – didn’t have any wireless internet equipment. So he has to come back tomorrow to finish the job. WTH???


Ahem. Sorry. Withdrawal symptoms coming out again.

He was also supposed to install our phone line while he was here and left without doing that either. According to him, he couldn’t get it done today because there was something Customer Service was supposed to do that hadn’t been done (he wouldn’t tell me what “it” was) so I had to call customer service because they needed to talk to me before they would do “it.”

Customer Service had no idea what I was talking about. But rather than wait for me to call them, Technician Guy just left – so he wasn’t there to explain it to them.

They finally determined that the problem was due to the fact that the line wasn’t scheduled to be activated until 2:04 pm, and once 2:04 pm got here everything would be fine.

So let me get this straight… They scheduled a technician to set up our phone line at 9am, but then scheduled the phone line activation for after 2pm, knowing that the line activation was necessary for the tech to finish his job. Again, WTH???

I tried to tell them that no, that couldn’t have been what the technician was talking about because he said there was something he was unable to do, so he would have to come back out here before the phone would work. But they assured me that wasn’t the case. I asked them to call Technician Guy to figure out what he meant, but they pretty much ignored that idea.

Well guess what. 2:04pm came and went and still no phone service.

On my second call to customer service (which was actually my 5th call, but we won’t go there) the Customer Service Rep determined that the technician was waiting for them to send a signal to the modem or something. Which they did in like half a second. I pleaded with her to just CALL THE TECHNICIAN to figure out if that was in fact all he was talking about. She said she knew he meant and left it at that.

Time Warner employees must grow warts if they actually make an effort to communicate with the technicians. That’s all I can figure with the way they avoid it.

Assuming Customer Service Rep #2 was correct, I’m incredulous that the technician decided to LEAVE without finishing the job, as opposed to wait for 5 seconds to have this done. So now we’re another day without a phone.

Did I mention that this is the only house I have ever been in where my cell phone doesn’t get a decent signal?


Not quite an update

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We’re in the new house.   Finally.   Closing was a hugely painful ordeal.   Will explain sometime later.

Apologies for not responding to comments or   emails.   We have no internet or phones until sometime in September (a result of the hugely painful closing).   Right now I’m mooching off the neighbors but the signal is so low that the connection goes out every 45 seconds.   So for the most part I’m not even bothering with it.

Which means I’m not reading blogs either.   Again, sorry.

Leaving on a weekend business trip tomorrow.   The house is a wreck.   Company coming into town tomorrow too.   Bad time for a business trip.

Hopefully I can get this posted before the internet connection wigs out.

Another Update

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I love it when things work out exactly the way I hoped they would. Even though it was a major pain, the last minute problem with the appraisal turned out to be in our favor because the relocation company (in record-breaking decision-making time) just decided to drop the price on the house. So now we’re getting the same great house for less money and hopefully we’ll still be able to close on time. We won’t know until the last minute, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

And in other news, I was sitting at my computer when I started hearing these strangely suspicious popping noises coming from the living room…


It has now been confirmed that the innate obsession with popping bubble wrap has nothing to do with learned behavior and can only be instinctual.




Hey, Guess What?

  • I hurt myself from yawning too big.   I think I overstretched the tendon that connects my jaws or something.   I know.   I’m now in competition with Sammy Sosa for lamest injuries.   I wonder if Workers Comp covers that kind of thing.   It was the boredom brought on by my job that forced me to yawn, after all.
  • I dreamed that I had an affair.   With J.   No idea who I was actually married to in the dream.   But Jens’ conscience got the best of him at the last second and he backed out on me.   So I woke up guilty, bummed, grumpy, and horny.   I hate dreams.
  • After 4 years, my dog has just discovered that he has a penis.   He has been licking it for 48 hours straight.   It’s driving us crazy, especially since he sleeps in our room and he’s decided that licking himself is more fun than sleeping.
  • Don’t buy hair dye that costs less than $10.   Especially if you use white towels and don’t want to see it bleeding onto your towel 4 days after you’ve colored your hair.   Just saying.
  • Also, don’t believe the stuff on the box of cheap hair dye that says it comes with highlights and lowlights and multi-faceted color that doesn’t damage your hair.   Bollocks.
  • Tomorrow we close on the house we’re selling.
  • Tomorrow we’re supposed to close on the house we’re buying.
  • Yesterday we found out that the house didn’t appraise for near what we had agreed to pay for it, so now our financing is messed up.
  • The appraiser totally discounted the sunroom, which would have made up the difference in the appraisal price.   He refused to count it as part of the square footage of the house (as a previous appraiser had done) because it didn’t have duct work or something.   But since nobody else in the neighborhood has a sunroom, he couldn’t find “comps” so he just didn’t give it any value at all.
  • Because, you know, if nobody else has one then it must have been free to install.
  • Apparently if you can’t find one just like it then it’s easier just to pretend it doesn’t exist at all than to do some more research and assign a value based on an educated guess.
  • Lazy ass.
  • So we’ve asked the relocation company to lower the price on the house because it doesn’t make much sense to pay more than a house is actually worth.
  • But it’s a relocation company and it will probably take them a week to get back to us because when you have 150 middlemen, things don’t move too quickly.
  • And we don’t know what they’re going to say.
  • So we don’t know if or when we’ll be closing.
  • Annoying, since we’re supposed to move out of our house in 2 days.
  • Regardless, we have to disassemble and pack up our computer tonight or tomorrow, so I’ll probably be offline for a few days.
  • Bummer dude.

Blah Blah I'm Busy Blah Blah

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I keep sitting down and starting to write an entry, but get a little overwhelmed so I give up. Life has been a whirlwind recently, so rather than try to document it all, I’ve been avoiding the computer. I think I’ll just start with some bullets and hopefully get everything down. And come back later to add more bullets for the things I’ve forgotten.

I like bullets. They make me feel organized even when life seems a little out of control.

  • We’re in the waiting game on the house selling thing. I think everything is pretty much taken care of and now we’re just waiting for the closing date. Hopefully we’ll close on time because we have the closing of our new house (which is dependent on the closing of our current house) set up for the same day, so they will both be delayed if anything goes wrong.
  • Speaking of going wrong, the people we’re trying to buy the house from are being relocated, which means that a relocation company is handling the sale from here on out. Which means 3x as much paperwork and everything is taking 3x as long. Which means that we’re really pushing it to make the aforementioned closing date because they’re TAKING FOREVER.
  • The good news is that we had the inspection done Saturday and even though there are several things we’re requesting they address (or pay to have us address) there was really nothing major wrong with the house.
  • Half our computer supplies are packed away so I don’t have my card reader and therefore can’t download the pictures I took in New York (or any other pictures I’ve taken recently) so that’s kind of irritating me right now.
  • The trip was fun and I loved hanging out with Stereoette and I got to eat some great food and do a ton of walking around the city and it was a much needed break from the stress of house. I tried not to rub it in that our mortgage payment for our new humongo house is going to be the same as what she’s paying for her efficiency apartment in NY. Ah, Texas real estate…
  • Kaelin is really growing up. She’s now the traffic light enforcer. Wherever we go, she’s sure to point out “Uh-oh, it’s red! We have to stop now,” and “Green! The light is green! We can go now! Go green go!” through the entire car ride.
  • Her repertoire of complete sentences and appropriate phrases seems (to me) to be remarkably advanced over the other kids her age. She’s still substituting “t’s” for all her “k’s” which is only a problem because her name starts with K. Well, that and it’s a little disconcerting when she starts talking about “kitties” in public.
  • She’s very polite and uses “please” and “thank you” often. When we go to the public play areas in the mall and she gets mowed over by other children, she always says “Excuse me.”
  • She’s still in love with her Grandmommy and Grandpa and would happily move in with them if we let her. I might let her when she hits the rebellious teenager stage.
  • I think I’m going to have to give in and read Harry Potter. Even though I already know what happens in all the books. I’m not very good at commitment so long term projects rarely get finished, and reading is no exception. Maybe I’ll get the books on CD and listen to them in the car.
  • I have a ridiculous amount of laundry that needs to be done. Ridiculous, I tell you.
  • Moving Company is coming tomorrow morning to give estimates. Hopefully they’ll be able to see past the piles of laundry everywhere.
  • Need to clean the house again top to bottom. We got out of the habit since we’ve stopped showing the house. But the appraiser is coming this week and we need to make a really good impression.
  • Having so much laundry and cleaning to do makes me feel overwhelmed.
  • I am totally annoyed that “maternity” is the “in” fashion right now. I was appalled when I went to Old Navy yesterday. I’m short-torsoed and store my fat around my middle – do you know how hard I have to work already to avoid looking 12 months pregnant? Every piece of clothing I saw was formless and rendered my body completely devoid of any feminine shape whatsoever. Grrr…
  • I played 4 back-to-back softball games Friday night. Apparently we’re so behind in the season (due to rain) that they decided to have the entire playoff tournament in a single night.
  • Consequently, every muscle in my body hurts. I could hardly get out of bed this morning. I’m getting too old for this.
  • We came in second, in case you were wondering.
  • The last game we played was a game we lost (hence the 2nd place), and we actually didn’t mind losing because we were so worn out that we didn’t want to play another game, which we would have to had we won.
  • Actually, as beat as we were, we probably wouldn’t have minded playing another game too much if we felt like the teams were evenly matched. The other team had 4x as many players to rotate through and got to rest for an hour before the final game, so they were full of energy. And all of their guys were 6’4″ and built like athletes. We didn’t have the same advantage, so every minute was a fight just to stay in the game. That said, we did pretty well and might have won if they hadn’t hit that grand slam.
  • I managed to close my knee in the car door today and it’s starting to bruise. It hurts.
  • Thanks to the stress of buying/selling/moving/etc, I have 3 ulcers in my mouth. Yippee. Now I just need my face to break out so my whole head can be swollen and aching.
  • My superstitious side is thinking I probably shouldn’t have said that.
  • It’s after 11:30pm.
  • My brain is starting to shut down.
  • Good night.


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Well, the guy that we’re trying to by the house from is being an ass about it.   He wants his asking price and not a penny less and he’s totally playing hardball, which sucks.

But I don’t really care right now because I’M IN NEW YORK!   See you when I get back!

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