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Power Outage

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We lost power last night for about 4 hours. The entire city went dark, except for the Safeway and the gas station. They must have generators.

This is the first time since we’ve moved here that we’ve had a power outage, though I have heard it happens frequently during the winter for some reason. It made me realize a few things:

  • When there are no lights in evening, it gets really dark here. No seriously. REALLY dark.
  • You can never have too many tea lights.
  • When the power goes out is not a good time to discover that you don’t have a single working flashlight.
  • Desktop computers don’t handle sudden power outages as well as laptops with batteries.
  • You don’t realize how much you use electricity until you don’t have it. For instance, while trying to find the matches, Jens tried turning on the light so he could see better. And while sitting on the couch in the dark being totally bored, I thought, “Well, I should use this time to do laundry.” That didn’t work out for me.
  • All the candles in the world won’t make enough light to work on craft projects.
  • When the electricity comes back on for 10 minutes, and then stays off for another 2 hours, it’s way more frustrating than if it had just stayed off. Especially if you’re in the middle of, say, cooking a bunch of chicken when it goes off again.
  • My kids are silly.

Pope Hats

Dinner Laughs

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Tea Party

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Back Yard Weenie Roast

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We suffered through about a week’s worth of clouds and rain, and then we finally got a beautiful, sunny afternoon on the last day our friends were here.

The Three Musketeers enjoyed running, running, laughing, playing and running around the back yard, while we grownups enjoyed weenie roasting and each other’s company.  The girls had a blast together and were great about including Koren, who tried to keep up as best he could.

Mother’s Day

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We dedicated Koren on Mother’s Day.  Thanks to a reappearance of the Easter Outfit (I’m totally getting my money’s worth out of this thing), he got his share of “oohs” and “aahs” despite the fact that he was one of the oldest babies in the processional.

Yes, as much as I would love to say, “We were waiting for Mother’s Day,” the truth is that we just dropped the ball on that one.

Hi.  I need a tan.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a Mother’s Breakfast, courtesy of Kaelin’s preschool class.  The kids made a collection of goodies for all the moms, including a handprint oven mitt, Mom poster, recipe book, and a questionnaire in which they filled out statistics about their moms.  According to Kaelin, I have blue-black eyes and weigh 2005 pounds.  Awesome.

The kids recited a verse with motions.  I didn’t understand a word of it, but it was very cute to watch.

A closeup of the picture on the front of Kaelin’s cookbook.

One of Kaelin’s favorite little friends.  Landry’s PRECIOUS and it’s a delight to watch these two play (and scheme) together.  Oh, and Kaelin’s not a midget, she just “went in low” for the hug.

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