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Things That Are Currently Frustrating Me

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  • Children’s Place
    • I have been trying to place an order for a week now, and each time I do, I get an email the next day informing me that they have canceled my order.  According to CP, there’s something wrong with the card authorization, but when I call the bank, they say they have authorized the charge and have no idea why the order would have been canceled.
    • Today I opened a Childrens Place Card so I could get some rewards for all the money I spend with them.  When I immediately tried to use it on the order I placed (again) today, I was informed that that just wasn’t going to happen.  No reason, just NO.
    • I then tried to log into the account online to see if there was some issue with the card, and when I was setting up the online access, I was again informed that this just wasn’t going to happen.  No reason again, just General Error, Can’t Help You Today, Oh and It’s Sunday So You’ll Have to Wait to Talk to a Live Person Sometime Later This Week.
  • Alaska USA Credit Union.  I use this bank for my business account and I tried today to access my account online.  I entered my account number and PAC where asked and the first time I tried to log in, was informed that I “have exceeded the number of login attempts,” and will have to call sometime when it’s not Sunday to figure it out.
  • The Weather.  At least it’s not just me.
  • I ordered an iTunes Gift card weeks ago, and it still hasn’t shown up.  Come on, iTunes, don’t you know that YOU’RE MY LIFELINE???  I need that gift card because there is ONE RADIO STATION here that actually plays music, and their taste is rather questionable.  They also tend to play things at odd times, like all the hard screamy rock in the early morning and slow oldies in the afternoon.
  • I cannot find my car keys.  I came back from the store almost 2 weeks ago and after bringing in all the groceries, I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I’ve looked all over the car, the house, and in between.  I’m convinced that there’s a troll who runs off with my stuff.


Random Tidbits

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In other news, Kaelin has 2 loose teeth.  Bottom-center.  Most kids don’t start losing their teeth until age 6 or so, but my daughter has always insisted on doing everything early.  She took her first steps before she was 9 months old and was speaking perfectly understandable English long before the other kids her age.  So I guess this just follows suit.

This morning was monumental because it wasn’t raining when I woke up.  In fact, the sun was out and it was quite beautiful outside.  By the time we left for church, it was overcast again and by the time we got out of church it was raining.  It’s now 8pm and still raining.  I forget how pretty it is here when the sun is out.  We so rarely see it anymore.  I feel like Margot in All Summer in a Day.  There were a couple of hours on Thursday that it was sunny.  We high-tailed it to the beach to take advantage of it because it’s been nothing but rain rain rain for 2 months now, with the occasional “mostly cloudy” day thrown in. 

I haven’t been jogging in weeks.  I’m actually starting to look forward to winter when all the rain will at least turn into snow and not be so…wet all the time.  I feel sorry for the kids, they don’t get to be outside much.  It’s a good thing they have a great school program 3 days per week to keep them busy.

I really like the kids’ school.  They do baking, gardening (weather permitting), field trips, and all kinds of other activities to keep the kids busy.  It’s so much more than just the “mother’s day out” programs we’re used to.  They only attend mornings, so I think I might add another day for the winter session.  I wish they had an option for a 3/4 day, ending at 2 or 3pm, but as it is, I either pick them up at 12:30pm or 5pm.

My aunt and uncle are coming to visit this week, so we’re looking forward to seeing them.  Hopefully the weather will give them a break while they’re here.

Been a While

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It has been a very eventful few weeks, and mid-summer took its toll on our household.  In addition to multiple illnesses, injuries and trips to the ER, we recently lost a member of our household:


I returned from a great Fourth of July weekend in Seldovia to find that good old Dell had given up the ghost.  I took it to the local repair man in desperation.  As an indication of how that diagnosis went, he gave me a huge discount on his time because he “felt sorry for” me.

Dell was, indeed, toast.

I fretted about this for several days because in addition to the inconvenience of having to use my phone for all internet-related things, and being completely unable to download, edit or do anything with any of my photos (!!!), I had just scored my first paying graphic design job since moving here and would be unable to complete work without a computer and the rather expensive set of software being held hostage on my dead machine.

Long story short, with the help an early Christmas gift (thanks Mom & Dad!) and an educational discount (thanks Adobe!) I was able to score myself one awesome computer (thanks, Apple!) that I have been quite pleased with.

Unfortunately, my new toy arrived on the same day that my parents did, so I haven’t had time to do much more than take it out of the box and occasionally sneak upstairs to pet it for a few minutes at a time.  Therefore, I am severely behind in … well, pretty much everything.  Pictures, blogging, software, work, editing, migrating files, etc.

I am still getting used to the way Mac handles files and have found iPhoto to be quite useful, except for the part where it pulls all my photos into the program and won’t let me access them outside of iPhoto.  It’s reminiscent of iTunes and makes me wish Apple didn’t have such a proprietary outlook on things that are mine.

My plan is to do some updating more in the next few days.  My parents left today and I’m already missing them, but this should keep me busy in the meantime.

Wee Hours

Over the course of yesterday, Jens improved about 800%.  I kept the kids out of the house all day and when we arrived home it was like meeting a different Jens.  Well, “different” meaning the “same” Jens that I knew BEFORE our happy home was plagued with the Disease – yes, Disease with a capital D, oh D that will never stand for dog or donut or daisy or dallas or anything else in this house but Disease and maybe Death and Destruction or possibly Diarrhea and once we get past this thing we are burying D and probably S in the back yard never to speak of them again because these letters?  They spell bad things.  Excuse me while I go rock myself in the corner.  Again.

He ate a banana.  While we were gone yesterday.  A whole banana.  Swallowed it and everything.  And then?  Then?  Then we had dinner and he ATE. 


Two, to be precise.

I just about fainted.

He’s even sleeping in our bed tonight.  Which, you may notice, I’m not.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that Jens is sleeping in his own bed, or the fact that I was stupid and told my mom today that, “Koren has been sleeping pretty well the last several nights” (because I’m sure it’s one of those two things) but Koren has already been up several times.

A few minutes ago, I heard, “Mama, I’m cold.”  I went in to put a blanket on him and as he laid back down, he hit his head on the music box hanging on the side of his crib.  “Hey,” he said as he turned around to glare at it, as though the music box had intentionally reached out and hit him.

Also, there was the porcupine making a racket on our front porch.  Little turd. Although, I’d rather look out and see a porcupine on the front porch than another bear trying to get into the trash bins.

I have to say though, it’s weird to see it dark outside.  I think the sun will start coming up in about an hour and if I’m still awake to see it I’m going to be very depressed about that.

Tomorrow is a big day – kids go to school, I clean the house, then we have friends come to visit for a few days from Dallas.  So I guess I’ll go back downstairs and try to get some sleep so I don’t keel over in the middle of dinner tomorrow evening.


Random Little Things That Bug Me

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Is anyone else bothered by the opening sequence of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  I mean, even if you can get past the fact that you have 3 bears living in a cottage and eating porridge, and that Goldilocks is obviously the product of delinquent parents if she a) is allowed to go wandering through the woods by herself, and b) doesn’t have enough home training to know that you don’t just open the door and go wandering into some stranger’s house.

Even if you take all that at face value, there’s still the porridge issue, and I find myself unable to get past the porridge issue.

If you make hot porridge and pour it at the same time into 3 different sized bowls, the porridge will cool in direct proportion to the volume of the bowl.  In other words, IT IS THERMODYNAMICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR MAMA BEAR’S MEDIUM SIZED PORRIDGE TO COOL FASTER THAN BABY BEAR’S “WEE” PORRIDGE.

The only rational explanation for this is that even though Mama Bear’s bowl was bigger than Baby Bear’s bowl, Mama Bear is anorexic and poured herself the least amount of porridge because she’s afraid of getting fat.

The underlying themes of this story just get better and better.

Because you have to assume that there’s some reason that Mama and Papa bear don’t share a bed.  And don’t say it’s because Papa Bear snores.  They all sleep in the same room, so separate beds wouldn’t really make a difference there. 

Maybe Goldilocks isn’t the first blonde bombshell to sneak into the cottage and “rearrange” Papa Bear’s bed sheets.  Just saying.

And this is a story we tell our kids?

A New Day

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Jens appears to have strep throat.  I say “appears” because the tests came back negative, but he has all the symptoms.  The doctor told him that the test is only 85% accurate so she’s pretty sure it’s just a false negative and put him on antibiotics.  He spent most of the day in bed and then took Kaelin to Seldovia for the weekend.

If you read that last sentence and thought, “huh?” it’s because he had made plans to take Kaelin to Seldovia for the weekend and my husband?  HE IS STUBBORN.  It was a struggle to keep him home last weekend with the measly excuse of a SHATTERED ELBOW.  So this weekend I gave up and just drove him and his contagious illness to the boat.

Speaking of Jens and his shattered elbow, we are still waiting to hear back from the doctor in Anchorage on whether he thinks surgery would be necessary, based on the x-rays.

And now, it’s time for me to get off the computer and get back to all that cleaning I’m supposed to be doing while Koren is napping.

Can I Have Some Cheese With That?

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I heard Kaelin coughing a few times last night.  If she gets sick too, I think I’m just going to throw myself off the balcony.

This week is wearing me down.  All the household chores are pretty much up to me now, which might give me a martyr complex if I was actually doing a good job at getting them done.  But I’m not, so it’s just making me frustrated and stabby.  It seems that no matter what I do, the laundry keeps piling up, the floor keeps getting cluttered and dirty, the dishes keep appearing OUT OF NOWHERE, and the trash…I don’t even want to think about the trash.  Though Jens and his mom did manage to do a dump run yesterday, so at least I have a place to PUT the trash.  For now.

Koren seems to be back to normal, except that he suddenly has the emotional consistency of a ping-pong ball.  Is that a 2-year-old thing?  I don’t remember Kaelin going through that stage.  He’s loving all his new toys, but he’s obsessed with the fact that they’re HIS.  As soon as he even THINKS Kaelin is going to touch one, he starts shrieking. 

He keeps telling us that he’s ready to use the potty.  I’m so not ready to go there.  We haven’t even weaned him off the pacifier yet.  I keep meaning to do it, but something’s always happening that makes it a bad time.  He’s sick, we have company, we’re traveling, etc. 

Also, I have a feeling that he’s going to be one of those kids who sleeps in a crib until he’s 3 and a half.  Kaelin got transitioned to a “big girl bed” shortly after she turned 2.  But just trying to keep Koren in his dinner seat is like trying to keep all the packing peanuts inside a box, so I can’t even imagine what trying to keep him in a bed in the middle of the night would be like.

I had plans to go jogging this morning (good stress relief) but after taking Jens to the doctor (they weren’t open yet) and going to the store to get throat spray I was finally headed out and then it started raining.  Since I can’t think of anything more miserable than running in the rain, it appears I’m not going jogging.

Maybe I’ll just take a nap instead.

Spring Has Sprung.  So Have My Sinuses.

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The crowds came in, the shops opened up, and healthy, green plants sprang up absolutely everywhere.  The woods around our house are thick and green, the grass is vibrant, and the ferns have sprouted at least a foot in a matter of days.

Amazing transformation.

The last week – despite the forecasts – has been sunny and hovering around 65°.  Today was the first overcast day all week and the blue sky started poking through late this afternoon.  The forecast continues to predict rain every day for the foreseeable future.  We’ll see how that goes.

Jens was sick last week.  He had some sort of nasty flu-like virus that took him down pretty hard for about 3 days.  He even called in sick to work, which he very rarely does.

Then he was nice enough to give it to me.  I’ve been slacking on my Vitamin D doses and now I’m paying for it.

All things considered, it actually wasn’t too bad as illnesses go.  As a SAHM, I don’t get “sick days,” so it was fortunate that I was not up to par on a weekend/holiday because that meant there were other people around to care for the kids. Now I just have these annoying cold-like symptoms – itchy eyes, runny/stuffy nose.  Blah.  I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.  It must have been before Koren was born.

I think I’ll make a point never to get another one. 

My head tickles and I can’t stop sneezing.


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I have Adobe CS3, a software suite that includes Photoshop and allows me to edit my photos.  Photoshop by itself runs about $700.  Photoshop by default can’t open Nikon NEF (Raw) files so I have a plugin that allows me to use Photoshop to edit my pictures – because a) I like the RAW controls PS offers, and b) I need Photoshop to do the batch processing that allows me to put the images on this website and have them look right.

So today I inserted my memory card and SURPRISE!  My plugin doesn’t work for my new camera.

And the updated version of the plugin that DOES work for my new camera doesn’t work on my version of Photoshop.

So I can’t open and edit my pictures.  Which means it might be a while before you get to see any of them.

Car Service

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Unfortunately, the car service is not going to happen because of another thing we’ve discovered about Alaska.  Car service up here is like seeing a doctor in Dallas.  Unless it’s an emergency, you have to call way ahead of time and make an appointment because they’re too booked to see you that day.  We drove all the way to Anchorage (4 hours each way) this weekend to get the car cleaned and detailed (well, that wasn’t the only reason we went to Anchorage, but it was high on the priority list).  In Dallas, you can drop your car off for a complete interior and exterior wash and pick it up 2 hours later. 

When we arrived at the detail place in Anchorage we were told that the earliest they could fit us in was the following Wednesday!  For a car wash! 

Same thing when we tried to get the 30K service today – the earliest they can see us is Saturday.

So it seems that I have an entire day at my disposal with no kids.  What should I do?

Up and Running

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Oh look!  We’re back online, after half a day of trying to figure out why my site had disappeared into the black hole of cyberspace.  That was fun.  Except for the part where IT WASN’T.


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This is what I get for being in a hurry to push out a new blog design.  I forgot to do the cross-browser check.  If you visited this site using Internet explorer earlier today:

1) I apologize that it looked like crap.  It’s mostly fixed now.

2) You should seriously consider using a better browser.  Failing that, at least write letters demanding that if the geniuses at Microsoft are going to insist on bundling their browser into every computer that’s sold, the least they could do is come up with a browser that can read code without being hacked to death.

/end soapbox

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