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Say What???

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The IRS are a bunch of idiots.   In 2005, we paid a lady a total of $848 in commissions.   She just got a bill from the IRS stating that she owes them over $36,000 in taxes off the money we paid her in 2005.   Evidently they added a few extra zeros to the 1099 information we sent them.   Dummies.

Random Tidbits

Y’all, I signed up to be a BeautiControl consultant. Say what???

Was I suffering from a bout of insanity? Probably. It was kind of an investment. I didn’t do it as a moneymaking opportunity (as someone who works in the corporate office of a network marketing company, I get enough of that on a daily basis). I don’t want to be that friend/relative.

I signed up just so I could get the discount. And since I’m not planning to make money with it, I don’t have a problem passing my discount on to anyone around me so my friends and family are actually excited that I’ve signed up. It probably helps that they don’t have to be afraid that I’m going to ask them to host parties every week.


I had an appointment this morning for a slimming body wrap. I’ve always wanted one of those and have never been able to afford one – but a gift certificate to a local spa actually made the body wrap an option.

So I showed up this morning for my appointment and was told the body wrap lady wasn’t in today and since my appointment was at the same time they opened for the day, they weren’t able to call me beforehand to let me know.

I don’t know why, but that really irritated me. I don’t have any idea what thought they should have done about it. It was just frustrating to show up and then have to turn around and go back home.


After the cops left last night (/early this morning) INWOCA finally managed to control his malfunctioning alarm. We were all too pleased to witness this final golden silence, but after listening to repetitions of 6 different alarm tones approximately 40 times over almost an hour, we were pretty much awake.

Fortunately, I was able to go back to sleep relatively soon, only to be awoken again by a screaming Kaelin at 3am at which point I made my recent habit of migrating into her room for the remainder of the night. I noticed at that point that J had still not returned to bed after being wakened by Idiot Neighbor. An improvement, really, since until last night she had been waking up at 2am. But still.

I don’t handle sleep deprivation too well. One thing J has learned about me over the last 5+ years is UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS IT APPROPRIATE TO DISTURB MY SLEEP. A sleepless night leaves me grumpy, angry, depressed, grumpy, mean and grumpy for the entire next day. Fortunately for everyone around me, Kaelin decided to lounge in bed with me from 7-9am this morning and we were both able to get some sleep. By “both” I mean me and Kaelin – J was never able to catch up on his sleep due to an extremely busy workload today. I don’t know how he does that.


Kaelin’s vocabulary is increasing every day. I asked her to say Grandmommy the other day and she said it. Once. Then it became “Gummy.” And then it became “Dummy.” We stopped there.

Current words now include (variations of) Mama, Daddo (her word for J), Jon, Iris, Papa, Grandpa, cheetah, puppy, kitty, diaper, butt, bee-bo (belly button), all done, baby, ball, bee, bupp (passifier – don’t ask), butterfly (sort of), hot, moo, duck, up, hi, bye-bye, please, eye, kiss, touch, button, banana, brush, blue, two and uh-oh.

There are probably more, but they’re not coming to mind right now. It’s harder than it looks to actually sit down and list out all the words your child says on a daily basis.

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Assemble THIS.

We had scheduled a furniture assembly company to come by today and (10 points to anyone who guesses this) assemble some furniture.   But the desk/hutch/bookcase were in boxes at my parents’ house where they have been since before Christmas.

So J called up Jon and they collected the really big boxes of disassembled furniture and brought them to our house.

And put them in the living room.

I asked J why he and Jon weren’t bringing the boxes upstairs to the office, where the assembled furniture would go.   He replied that he would let the assembly guys do that.

I asked him if he was sure that assembly companies moved furniture – after all, they were assemblers, not furniture delivery men.   He said something about it would be silly for them not to move it where it was supposed to go, in order to assemble it, and that they weren’t going to show up and then leave because it wasn’t in the right place.

Again, I asked him if he was sure about this, and if they would charge us extra for having to move it.   He assured me that I had nothing to worry about and that it would be the assembly company’s responsibility to get the boxes upstairs.

By now, you’ve probably guessed where this story is going.

A short while later, the assembly crew guy showed up.   He took one look at the boxes and informed J that he was not moving any boxes, especially up stairs.

So guess who gets pulled off her butt in the middle of a work-related project to move three 200-pound boxes up a flight of stairs.

Just to be repetitively clear on something…Those things were HEAVY.   I couldn’t even lift my end of one of them.   And all the while, Mr. Assembly Man is standing there watching me break my back with this look of hurry up, I didn’t drive over here to wait.

Not that he would have been much help.   The guy looked like an emaciated version of ZZ Top and seemed to have enough difficulty getting his own bag of tools up the stairs.

But still.

Afterward, he didn’t even clean up after himself.   It’s one thing to avoid carrying heavy boxes up the stairs for liability.   It’s quite another to charge $200 to put a few screws in some furniture and then leave all the empty boxes and debris all over the place.

Stupid Things That Really Piss Me Off

  1. Lying, stupid, lying, incompetent, misleading, lying, stupid Insurance Brokers who tell lies and are stupid*
  2. Toilet paper holders in public bathrooms that have stoppers on them so you can only pull off 3 sheets at a time. I should not have to spend this long and this much effort acquiring an acceptable amount of material with which to wipe my butt.
  3. Radio sound bites of cars honking. Those things have come close to running me off the road on many an occasion

  4. *UPDATE: There is a good ending to the story. Continental General Life Insurance is great. Even though they were under no obligation to refund my money because it wasn’t their fault my policy wasn’t canceled when I canceled it, they sent me a check in the mail with a letter entitling me to a full refund. I explained the situation to them and three days later I had a check in my mailbox.

I am STILL waiting on the check Benefits Direct promised me over a MONTH AGO. Ahem.

So…what pisses you off?


idiot: n (id-ee-ott) an individual seemingly incapable of unlocking his/her car before attempting to open the door, thereby setting off the car alarm repeatedly, multiple times per day.   Usually a source of irritation to his/her neighbors.
Example: The guy who parks his car in front of our house is an idiot.  


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This happens to me every time it gets slow at work. I start thinking if I didn’t really have to work to maintain our same lifestyle, would I still do it?

Especially when I pass women who are obviously SAHMs, walking and jogging with their kids in the mornings. Women who have time to put the kids in the car and go stroll around the mall, just because. Women who don’t have to worry about finding a nanny, keeping a nanny, and what to do on days the nanny can’t come.

I used to think I would have no idea what to do all day if I were to stay home. Now I have a clue:

I would go for walks with Kaelin, get outside and get some exercise.
I would scrapbook during her naps.
I would take her on field trips and excursions to get out of the house.
I would co-op with other mommies I know who I don’t get to see as often as I would like.
I would still take one day a week for myself to do things I couldn’t do with baby in tow.

I especially start thinking about it when I get to work and spend the day dealing with people who are DENSER THAN A DOOR STOP.

People who, after being told 6 times that they are no longer eligible for refunds, still badger me with reminders to issue a pickup of goods.

People who don’t understand BASIC INTERNET (How do I install a website on my computer) and think that they can use it to build a business. And that when they have questions about this website (which has nothing to do with my company or job function) that they can come to me with these questions just because I know the answers. Note to self to STOP ANSWERING these questions…I’m probably not helping myself out.

People who think I am the IRS and that they can come to me with tax questions about this, that and the other.

People who take advantage of the fact that I have guilt about cutting someone off mid-conversation, and choose to tell me their entire life’s story, or brag about how they know Donald Trump, the Prince of Wales, and the President of I Don’t Give a Crap, Inc.

When it’s crazy-busy around here, I love my job and am convinced that even if I won the lottery, I would still work for the fun of it. But I must confess during times like these, there are moments when I’m tempted to leave it all behind.

Haggling Over Home Sweet Home

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“Lovely, well priced. Showroom home in great condition. Window treatments, ceramic tile and three full baths.”

The above is the realtor’s description of the home we are trying to buy. All in all (and considering there are no pictures of the home online) it’s not very descriptive. The selling points are basically “nice looking, well priced, window treatments, ceramic tile and 3 baths.”

Did you notice that 1 out of the 5 selling points is the window treatments? And they are quite nice, probably way-expensive designer curtains & drapes. We took that into consideration when we made the offer.

The seller wants to take the window treatments with her. She countered our perfectly (more than) reasonable offer to say that she is renegging 20% of the original offered setup. And she wants to close ONE DAY EARLIER. And she thinks we should pay $75 instead of $50 for the HOA transfer fee.

Crimminee. Why are sellers so weird??? Who changes a contract for $25? It was a struggle to keep J from countering with a HOA fee of $62.50 just to spite her. I thought we should have demanded the washer, dryer and refrigerator as replacement for the upstairs curtains. But I was overruled and informed that people just don’t do that in Texas. I barely got away with asking for the refrigerator. And it was so tempting to add in “AND 3 BOTTLES OF KETCHUP AND A CASE OF PEPSI. DIET PEPSI.”

I could have used that washer and dryer. If she dares to counter again, I’m getting the washer and dryer or she can take her pretty house and STUFF IT.

How to Annoy Me

Hire a person to answer and take phone orders who doesn’t understand English.

Tip of the Day

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Take the passifier out of your mouth before entering my office to make a sales pitch. Seriously.

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