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Uh huh.

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Baby Gap Model

Today’s Visitors

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This family of three made the rounds through our yard twice today.

Power Outage

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We lost power last night for about 4 hours. The entire city went dark, except for the Safeway and the gas station. They must have generators.

This is the first time since we’ve moved here that we’ve had a power outage, though I have heard it happens frequently during the winter for some reason. It made me realize a few things:

  • When there are no lights in evening, it gets really dark here. No seriously. REALLY dark.
  • You can never have too many tea lights.
  • When the power goes out is not a good time to discover that you don’t have a single working flashlight.
  • Desktop computers don’t handle sudden power outages as well as laptops with batteries.
  • You don’t realize how much you use electricity until you don’t have it. For instance, while trying to find the matches, Jens tried turning on the light so he could see better. And while sitting on the couch in the dark being totally bored, I thought, “Well, I should use this time to do laundry.” That didn’t work out for me.
  • All the candles in the world won’t make enough light to work on craft projects.
  • When the electricity comes back on for 10 minutes, and then stays off for another 2 hours, it’s way more frustrating than if it had just stayed off. Especially if you’re in the middle of, say, cooking a bunch of chicken when it goes off again.
  • My kids are silly.

Pope Hats

Homer Wildlife Photo Contest Winner

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Hey guess what?  This photo won the Wildlife category of the Homer Photo Contest, an annual amateur photo contest run by the Homer Chamber of Commerce.  At least, I think it was this photo – the man from the CoC said it was an eagle landing on the beach and I think this was the only one I submitted that fits that description.

Honestly, I entered the contest several months ago and don’t remember which photos I entered, or exactly what the “prize” is – but I believe they use the winning photos in the tourist magazine for the following season.  So it looks like one of my eagles will make it into real, live, bona fide PRINT.

I’ll add more detail when I talk to the man from the Chamber of Commerce, which should be sometime next week.


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Fog Cloud

There has been a low-hanging cloud covering Kachemak Bay.  It seems to move back and forth quite a bit but never actually dissipates.  It has tried several times to creep up into our yard but so far has never made it to that altitude.  We can see it just beyond the treeline in the back yard, which slopes downward.  Yet it remains sunny and clear and perfectly beautiful within the boundaries of our property, as though there’s some kind of force-field keeping the fog away.

As we descend the hill, it’s really something to see nothing but a cloud blanket where the ocean is supposed to be.  Then all of a sudden we are in it, and can hardly see the trees on the side of the road.  It’s rather disorienting.  I drop the kids off at school in the dark, foggy mist, and then climb the hill back up and into the beautiful sunshine where I can see for miles and miles in any direction.

Aside from the strange ground-cloud, the weather in September has been wonderful.  We’ve had more sun this month than in the previous 3 months put together.  Though it’s obvious that Autumn is here, as the temperatures have begun to drop at night.  When you walk outside, sometimes you can actually hear the leaves drying out and turning crispy.  It’s usually in the mid to low 40’s when I drive the kids to school.

The fireweed is all gone as well – another marker to signal the end of summer.  It was beautiful while it lasted though.


We have enjoyed the clear nights recently.  It’s amazing how many stars, galaxies and everything else you can see in the night sky here.  A couple of nights ago, we were out for about 10 minutes and I counted 7 shooting stars and 2 satellites.  And every star in the galaxy.

Night Sky

(The blank space at the top is the roof)

I think September has been the most enjoyable month that we’ve lived here, weather-wise.  I hope it lasts.  It’s a nice little “last hurrah” before we dive into winter and we have all enjoyed being outside at lot in the last few weeks.

A Busy Day – Part II, The Beach

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A Busy Day – The Park

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Cute, Aren’t They?

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Fishing in Seldovia

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Halibut Cove

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While my parents were here, they were gracious enough to babysit the kids one evening so we could explore Halibut Cove.  The Kachemak Bay Ferry runs there once per day and tickets include dinner reservations at the only restaurant in the cove, The Saltry.

The woman who owns The Saltry is an artist and has a studio right next to the restaurant.  The restaurant uses her unique dishes to serve the food on.

The food was amazing.  And there was so much of it.  I ate less than half of what they brought me and was so stuffed I could hardly walk (when they say a “bowl” of soup, they mean a BOWL of soup).

After dinner, we got to walk around the cove.  It’s quite scenic and unlike anyplace I’ve ever been.  All the buildings are built on boardwalks and everybody has horses.  I guess that’s how you visit your neighbors, since there are no roads or cars.  We walked up and down several trails and through some fields until we happened to come across the memorial for Diana Tillion.

Diana Tillion was an artist who lived in Halibut Cove.  She made a name for herself for being the only known artist in the world to paint with octopus ink.  She would harvest it herself and could make several paintings from a single drop.

She died early this year of cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Her two galleries in the cove are still in operation.

One of the workers on the boat that we got to talk with is Tara Alverson, who is a resident of Halibut Cove.  She’s an artist who studied under Diana Tillion … which I suppose makes her currently the only artist in the world who paints with octopus ink.  She told us about how she harvests it, and also how she cared for Diana during her last several years.  Apparently Diana Tillion was one spirited woman, and even in her eighties was difficult to keep up with.

Tara is a very talented artist, and when I saw this print of a painting she had done of the Altair, I had to have it.  I recognized the boat from the Boat Graveyard as one that I had particularly enjoyed photographing because I thought it had more character than most.  Apparently it was owned by a man who lived in Halibut Cove.

Walking on the Spit

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My mom, as usual, made fast friends with every storekeeper she met.

While we were taking these pictures, my dad and Koren had wandered down to the beach at the end of the spit.

Afterward, we made our way to the Charter Room restaurant at Land’s End (one of my favorites!)  The weather had been so nice that we decided to eat outside.  Unfortunately, the cloud cover came in and cooled the air by several degrees while we were eating, but we all had coats so we survived.

This is the entrance to the restaurant:

Party at the Cabin

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Actually, we ended up “managing” it longer than expected, as the water was too rough on Sunday to take the boat across the bay, so we missed our ferry and had to stay an extra night at the cabin.  By the time we all left, I’m sure Cyndy was quite ready to have her cabin back.

One of the highlights of the weekend was when we had everybody together for a fresh-caught seafood dinner, complete with brownies and cake for dessert.

The kids know they can always rope Uncle Larry into a story or three.

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