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Kaelin enjoyed watching this starfish grow from fist-size to head-size over the course of a few days. Thanks Grandmommy!

Doggie Chow

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Sometimes you just have to pretend to be a dog.  Apparently.

Back Yard Weenie Roast

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We suffered through about a week’s worth of clouds and rain, and then we finally got a beautiful, sunny afternoon on the last day our friends were here.

The Three Musketeers enjoyed running, running, laughing, playing and running around the back yard, while we grownups enjoyed weenie roasting and each other’s company.  The girls had a blast together and were great about including Koren, who tried to keep up as best he could.

Pratt Museum

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Kaelin’s favorite part was getting to use the scissors and glue.  They also got to see a little of Alaska’s history and see some life-sized wildlife like wolves, coyotes, bears and fish.

Seldovia Tour

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We still had fun, despite spending more time inside the boat than out of it, and walking around in the rain once we got there.  We saw a lot of birds (who, en masse, are very stinky) and a few otters.  Once we arrived at Seldovia, we ate lunch in town with Jim and Cyndy (and Koren, who had spent the night with his grandparents).  Jim and Cyndy then taxied us to the cabin in their boat so our guests could see what rustic cabin life was like (we call it camping for yuppies).

We all enjoyed each other’s company and Koren even got in a small nap.

But seriously, Alaska?  You’d better bring out the sun for 4th of July or I’m going to have to open a serious can.

Islands & Oceans

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Friday afternoon, we took the kids to the Islands and Oceans Visitor Center for some hands-on learning, followed by a short hike down to the marsh.

The hiking trail goes down to the Two Sisters Bakery, which is one of our favorite places in Homer.  We didn’t get to stop there this time, but had enjoyed the Two Sisters baked goods for breakfast that morning.

The Islands and Oceans visitor center is not very large, but provides lots of things for kids to touch and play with so they can learn about the culture and wildlife of Alaska.

Wynn Nature Center

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Every Friday, the Center for Alaska Coastal Studies (for some reason I can never remember that name) has a preschool program at the Wynn Nature Center, which is a little cabin at the top of the hill.  This time, the girls learned about fresh water and that it’s important to preserve fresh water because there isn’t all that much of it.  They took a short hike to a nearby stream to look at the fresh water and all the things that live in and around it.  Afterward, we went out for ice cream.

Good Friends, Good Times

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Kaelin was beyond thrilled to see her friend Maddy and the two were inseparable the entire time.  Koren was never far behind and the girls were really great about including him.  He has officially adopted Maddy as his second sister.

Our first order of business was to tour the Homer Spit:

Swollen Shut

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Poor Little Guy


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Puke sessions so far: 3

Urine analysis came back normal, so it’s not a UTI.  While it would have been nice to have an actual diagnosis, we’re glad for the result because if the test had come back abnormal they would have stuck a catheter in him for further testing.  One more trauma avoided.

But let me tell you, he was none too pleased when it was time to remove the plastic baggy that was (excessively) taped all around his wee-wee to collect the urine sample.  Even armed with adhesive-remover, it was an experience I hope never to repeat.

Also, did you know that if you Google “toddler back pain” you come up with two things:

  1. A plethora of parents in forums inquiring about the same thing and not getting any answers
  2. A long list of possible diagnoses that have VERY SCARY NAMES.

In other health-related updates, Jens had his CAT scan today and the doctor doesn’t think he will need surgery (PRAISE!) but does want to refer him to another doctor in Anchorage (who is, coincidentally, one of Jens’ extended relatives) for a second opinion.

Owie, Daddo?

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Then I rounded the corner of the stairs and saw my husband in an enormous full-length arm cast, suspended from his neck.

In short, Jens was playing basketball in his usual kamikaze style and collided with another player.  When he landed on his arm, he severely dislocated his elbow and chipped a piece off the joint.

After popping it back into place himself and a trip to the ER, he was home and bandaged and in a lot of pain – despite hydrocodone, Tylenol, and the ibuprofen shot they gave him in the butt.  I got a preview of 60 years from now when I had to give him a bath and dress him, as he was unable to do much of anything himself.

The next day he went to an orthopedic surgeon who took more x-rays and determined that he was unable to determine the actual prognosis.  So Jens has to go back tomorrow (Monday) for a CAT scan.  They need to find out whether the piece of bone floating around in his arm is one large chunk or several smaller pieces, and from there will make the decision on whether or not he needs surgery.

Three days post-incident, he’s very swollen and still in quite a bit of pain.  However, he has gained a lot of movement and is able to wear just a sling and ice pack most of the time.

The kids have been very supportive.  Kaelin likes to help with the bandages and Koren asks him every day “What happen, Daddo?”  He’s very empathetic.  Today Jens accidentally banged his arm and as he was nursing his pain, Koren rushed over to offer his condolences.  “What happen, Daddo?”  Upon being given the recap, he offered, “Hugs are nice.  Kisses nice.  Hug it?  Kiss it, Daddo?”

It appears that Daddo will be well taken care of as he recovers.

Koren: 2 Years

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You love to run.  You chase your sister around the house and spin in circles until you fall over.  You go romping up and down hills and climb the stairs without even holding on to anything.

You’re fast.  Especially when making a beeline toward mischief.  I’ve banned you from our bathroom but somehow you find your way in there to wreak havoc at every opportunity.  You cannot resist the kitchen cabinets – which, unfortunately, are ALL at your eye level.

You get an immense amount of glee out of stealing things, usually your sister’s favorite toys.  This morning it was my granola, which you acquired by bringing the bathroom stool into the kitchen and climbing up to steal the box off the counter.  “I stole it! Mama’s gahnola!” you informed your father as you rushed into the living room, digging your little paws into the box.

Your vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 4 months.  You have your own way of phrasing things that makes it seem like English is your second language and has earned you the nickname “Little Yoda.” Your most frequent phrases include, “I drop it, my boppy” or “I stole it, Kaelin’s kitty,” or “I no like it, the beach.”

When you can’t quite express something that you want us to see, rather than your old method of (heaven help me) screaming at the top of your shrill little lungs, you now take our hand and lead us to it, saying “Come, I show you.”

The screaming hasn’t completely disappeared.  You are very possessive of things, regardless of whether or not they’re actually yours, and frequently let loose a shrill shriek when you think Kaelin is encroaching on your property or not sharing her things to your satisfaction.  “MINE” is a word you have learned very well and you use it often.

You’re still a good eater and will try nearly anything, then inform us whether “I like it” or “I no like it.”  Your favorite food is bacon, and sometimes you get so happy about it that you break out into a dance.  You also really love blueberries.  You and your sister can down 2 cartons of blueberries in a single sitting.

You’re not a huge fan of the beach anymore.  Ever since you were surprised by a wake wave a couple of months ago, you have been very anxious at the beach and want to turn around as soon as you can hear the water.

You have gotten noticeably better about boats though, and don’t seem to be bothered by the noise anymore.

You’re a total ham.  You make silly faces and try your best to be a total goofball at every opportunity.  A couple of days ago I was changing your diaper and asked you why you were (insert silly goofball antic that I can’t remember).  You smiled at me and said “‘Cause I silly.”

Yes, son.  That you are.

You love school.  Perhaps it’s because you can be in the same class as Kaelin or maybe it’s because they have guinea pigs, but there was no adjustment period of prying you off my leg during drop-off.  You love going and every time I pick you up you are happily busying yourself around the room.

I had prepared to write about your miraculous transition into (FINALLY!) sleeping through the night just before your 2nd birthday.  We had 3 good nights in a row this week.

And then you were up about 6 times last night.  So never mind on that.

You have gotten very particular about how your blanket is placed at night.  You insist on having the dark side facing upward – if it isn’t you complain, “Turn over” until we comply.

You have a sweet nature and are empathetic when other people get hurt.  When Kaelin fell off the bed and cried the other day, you practically smothered her with attention and “What happen, Kae’n?  What happen, Kae’n?”  Sometimes you get in trouble for hitting or playing too rough, and when we scold you and tell you that what you did wasn’t nice, you immediately offer “Hugs nice, kisses nice” and give a sweet hug and kiss.

You thoroughly enjoyed your birthday today.  Since we couldn’t go to Seldovia this weekend due to Daddo’s recent injury (more on that later), your Ana came to see you and you have thoroughly enjoyed having her around.  After a low-key morning and a nap, we all went to the park where you swung, climbed, slid, and ran around until you could hardly stand up anymore.

Then we came home for some good grilled food, followed by cake and presents.  You were a little unsure about the cake at first but warmed up to it pretty quickly.  At least, you warmed up to the frosting.  I don’t think you ever actually had any of the cake itself.  You enjoyed opening all your gifts and took to the books immediately, persuading your Ana to read them to you until your bedtime.

I am hopeful that tonight will turn out to be a good night for sleep after your big day.  Goodness knows we could both use it.

Happy Birthday, my little man.  You find new ways to make me smile each day, and I look forward to the next year with you.


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