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Jackie’s Got Talent

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I’m going to give Sarah Brightman the benefit of the doubt and assume she has a cold or something… because I know I’ve heard her sound better.  But in this video…she totally got upstaged by an 11 year old.


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I’ve been working on a few little projects lately, which have been eating up most of my spare time.

For one thing, I’m planning another overhaul of this website. Changing operating systems, servers, etc. The new site is just about ready to launch and I like it, but more importantly it will make things easier on me in the future. I’m leaving EE and going back to WordPress, which is not the easiest thing to do, but I think the benefits will outweigh the pain in the butt that the migration has been.

Also, I’m making bows. Lots and lots of hair bows. And handmade cards. I’ve entered my first craft fair, the Nutcracker Craft Faire here in Homer. I keep hearing people talk about it, so I thought I’d give it a shot and maybe make a little money for Christmas gifts. At least, I was hoping that would be the case, but I’m finding that crafting is so expensive that I’m going to have to sell a lot of bows and cards to make any profit at all.

On the bright side, the craft work is giving me something to do with my hands while Jens and I catch up on Lost in the evenings. I hate being idle while watching TV. We just finished Season 5 so I guess we should start looking for a new series to start when we get through Season 6. Any suggestions?

American Circus

So it looks like Anti-Sanjaya Girl will have to endure another week of starvation. So far, it looks like she’s up for it – which, frankly, surprises me. I was thinking she’d give in this week.

If I ever decide to starve myself for a cause, I will make sure that:

  1. My goal can possibly be reached in increments of DAYS, not WEEKS. I can’t imagine the thought at 8:29pm every Wednesday night that you have to endure another ENTIRE WEEK before the next possibility of relief comes.
  2. It will not have anything to do with a reality TV show.

Although, I will say that I disagree with the people who are mad at her for hunger striking over such a minor issue because they think her priorities are screwed up when there are SO MANY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO STARVE YOURSELF FOR.

Frankly, anyone who goes on a hunger strike for World Peace, or Save the Rain Forests, or Stop the Genocide, or whatever, is resigning themselves to a death sentence. There is simply no way that any major issue like that can get resolved in the time it takes to die from lack of food, no matter how many people are trying to help you.

If you’re going on a hunger strike, it SHOULD be over something trivial, so that at least there is the possibility of succeeding – the possibility that SOMEBODY who matters will think that your life is more important than X and will conceded to your demands.

I’ve been keeping up with her blog, not so much from an overwhelming compulsion to see what happens to her, but more because it’s entertaining to read the comments she gets. Some people just have this compulsive need to hear themselves type, even if what they have to say takes a sudden left swing into the Valley of Irrelevance.

For instance, this was in response to a post she made about having lost 10 lbs:

wait, wait, let me get this straight…you are supposed to have LOST 10 lbs? Man, no offense, because I don’t know how tall you are and everything, but .I am like 5’7 and weigh 115 (if that)… and whereas you are supposedly 23 and from what I can gather you are living with your parents and they have so much concern, I just turned 21 and am in college, and we lost the house that my family was living in in Maryland because my mother made my 19 year old sister, 22 year old autistic brother, and I abandon the house and move with her and her crazy gf to Troy, NY the night after she made my father leave the house and go live with his mother, and my mother drove me back to Maryland in August 2006 since I am in college, and her friend came along for the drive and threatened to kill me and cursed my mother’s parent’s out and my mother did absolutely NOTHING, so now my father has to come get me and I have to stay at his senile mother’s house with no computer or internet during breaks from college. Otherwise I am pretty much on my own. I don’t even have a bf or anything because I am afraid to trust anyone, and it seems like everyone at my college is black, but I don’t want to feel like I have to be comitted to a black person.

So you mean you weighed like 165 before? How tall are you anyway?

Somebody needs a therapist to get all that angst out to. And then there are the AI wanna-be’s, waiting to be discovered:

THIS KID SUCKS… I would take him on in a second in a sing off, been singing all my life, so all these ppl saying they would like to see you or anyone else sing better than him, I will do it and this is not a joke, my dad taught me to sing when I was like 4 and he was a great singer I have a CD I made for him, just from him singing to music, anyone have any questions on that, I will be glad to send u a sound file!!!!!!! Just add me as a friend and you will hear it on myspace… I have sung in front of thousands of people, I know the nerves and was able to overcome them, it was AWESOME!!!! And you know what, would do it again in a second……My nephew was 4 years old when he first started singing thanx to my dad and his first song was BABE and he was on every note and every lyrics, So I guess what I am trying to say is all u ppl should think before u put your foot in your mouth………Sorry if this sounds harsh but I can’t stand u ppl putting J down for what she is doing, I worry bout her, but I understand her stand on this……………Oh and P.S. can u hypocrytes sing better than Shejaya, I think not…………..

Careful, y’all – she’ll “do it and this is not a joke.” I guess for some people, everything really is all about THEM.


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The other day I took Kaelin to work, and while I had her in the restroom with me, I gave her my keys to play with as a distraction.

When I went outside later, my trunk was open.

Which begs the question…if they can make key remotes that work through several brick walls…why can’t they make a remote control for my television that works through the cabinet of the entertainment center?

American Idol Junkie

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Kaelin is fascinated by American Idol. When J came home from the store, I set her down on the floor without any toys for a few seconds so I could help him unload the dinner he brought home.

About 10 minutes later, we suddenly realized we hadn’t heard any of the typical “I’m getting tired of this” fussy noises. We walked into the living room to find her completely spellbound by Paris Bennett.

She remained enamored with the Idols until a commercial break, but quickly regained interest when the show resumed again.

Have I mentioned recently that she is her mother’s daughter?

Most Over Used Term by Generations X & Y

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Can American Idol have a season where the contestants can think of SOME other word to describe the experience than “surreal“?

Apparently not.

Reality Check

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So I’m watching some show on the home network, which I think is called “Houses you will never be able to afford in the first place, made even cooler by people who obviously have more disposable income in a year than you’ll ever see in your lifetime,” when it occurs to me that this show has been on an entire hour and I haven’t seen any of these renovating couples start tearing each other’s eyes out.

I mean, this is Reality TV, right? Where’s the conflict, the drama? Isn’t that really what RTV is about these days?

Generally speaking, if it’s not Jerry Springer, it’s not good RTV. Why? Ratings. Conflict attracts interest.

Which makes me wonder if that’s a reflection on our mindset on entertainment. As a population, are we so blood-thirsty that we are unable to enjoy watching two people interact on a peaceful level? We see it in politics too, picking up on a detail and using it to push real people into extremists.

What, you sneezed in public? Obviously you have no consideration for air pollution and are in fact trying to ruin the environment for our children, and therefore hate children and are campaigning to implement policies to reduce heath care for kids everywhere.

Frankly, it makes me weary. I wish we were satisfied with people being real people instead of crazy lunatics out to get us. We make such an effort to promote tolerance toward people outside our ethnic and socioeconomic circles, but we can’t bring ourselves to exercise it toward our own.

The end.

The Evening News

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Ryan Landis is a 6th grader who came up with HangEase, a collapsible coat hanger that snaps apart to allow for ease in getting it through those narrow-necked shirts.
Walmart is now carrying his invention. I have this strange feeling that in a year or two, this kiddo is going to be making more money than I do, without ever setting foot in an office.
Nothing like a 6th grader with a stroke of genius to make you feel inadequate.

Brown & Bubbly

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Yellowstone mud puddles?

Chinese food that didn’t settle too well coming back to visit?

No. The new add campaign from Pepsi. Of course.

Left Behind

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Dana Reeve Dies at 44 of Lung Cancer

I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose both parents by the age of 13. I further cannot imagine what it would be like to do that publically in front of the whole world.

I fear that celebrity in this situation can make things a thousand times more difficult than being able to work through grief in private. I sincerely hope that Will Reeve receives enough condolances and empathy from these strangers to partially make up for the millions of eyes watching him right now like a reality TV show.

Oscar Night

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OK, three questions…

1. What the hell was “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” doing at the Oscars?
2. Crash won best picture…Are you kidding me?
3. Could Reece Witherspoon be any cuter?

There’s a NON-Nerdy Kind?

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“[Boss] says I’m a Vulcan.”
“What do you mean, ‘yeah’? You think I’m a Vulcan?”
“Well, if you’re choosing between Star Trek characters. ‘Everything must be logical.’ …Well you’re not a Clingon.”
“I’d rather be those ‘mind meld’ guys who can read other peoples’ thoughts.”
“Those are Vulcans.”
“No, they’re the other ones. Like that big ugly guy with the black hair and dark skin.”
“Warf? He’s a Clingon.”
“Yeah, he can do the read-the-minds thing.”
“No he can’t. That’s Vulcan thing.”
“Are you sure? How do you know?”
“Because I’ve watched like every episode of Star Trek that they made.”
“Did you seriously just admit to that?”
“I can’t believe it. My husband is a Trekkie.”
“Not the nerdy kind.”

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