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The Dinner Crash

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Every once in a while, Kaelin decides to skip her daytime nap.  It usually catches up to her around dinnertime.  Sometimes in mid-sentence.

Sorry the camera is so shaky.  I was laughing.

Oh, and for anybody curious, she’s saying “Watch you,” which is what she says every time she sees the video camera.  She often means “me” when she says “you” and is developing a bit of a narcissistic complex.

Busy Girl

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In case you wondered why we’re all ready for bed by 7:00pm…

Kaelin Laughing

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Nobody can tickle her funny bone quite like Daddo.

Counting (Video)

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Also known as lazy blogging…
I always sound like such a dork in these videos. I hope that’s not what I sound like in real life.

Hi Hi Hi (Video)

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Playing with Blocks

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Kaelin: 19 Months

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A few minutes out of a typical day…

Cottage Cheese

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